5 Best Career Information Resources

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From the Career Development Suite

Whether in high school, college or migrating to another career field, there are a number of career information resources that can help you in your search for gainful employment.

In your endeavor to move forward in a search for knowledge, you should consider the following career information resources:

Your college’s website – College websites often have a wealth of information on programs, courses and school locations. The Career Services department of your school is also an excellent source of information on careers and industry trends.

Your college instructors – College instructors, whether you’ve taken their class or not, are usually informed about career opportunities in the field they teach.

Former alumni and graduates of your school – People that graduated from your college and working at their profession can be a good resource in sharing information on job openings where they work.

Present classmates – Classmates that have almost completed their program should be actively engaged in a career search. Don’t overlook them as a legitimate source even though they may not be employed at present.

Friends and Family – This could be an untapped source of information on job openings in your field of interest. Be sure and ask your family and friends about college programs and careers of interest.

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