5 Steps to Building Better Self-Confidence

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If you want to feel and be confident, you must first realize that it may not happen overnight. Building self-confidence takes time. For many, the building process starts with realizing they’re good people, who are worthy of respect and appreciation. From there, they can build their self-confidence step by step, with every little success that comes their way.

The following five steps can help you boost your self-confidence.

  • Be honest about your insecurities. There’s a voice in the back of your mind that may be speaking to you. If so, what does it say? Try to identify whatever’s making you feel that way.
  • Discuss your feelings with someone you trust. It could be a close relative or a loved one, but sharing thoughts about insecurity can sometimes help a person get to the root of the matter.
  • Learn to pick yourself up if you feel you’ve fallen short. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has the will or courage to bounce right back. No one is perfect. Even those who seem to be the most confident usually have something they feel can be improved or corrected. Once you make the correction, you’re likely to feel better about yourself.
  • Magnify your success. It’s easy to focus on your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to give yourself permission to take pride in the things you’ve done well. Magnify your success, but don’t be overly prideful. Success sometimes has a way of attracting more success.
  • Be thankful for what you have. It’s easy to get caught up in hoping for things we want, so much so that we can easily overlook the things we already have. Take life one step at a time. Build on each success, no matter how small. Before long, you may even have a string of little successes that can help fuel your self-confidence.

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