5 Ways to Whiter Teeth

Posted Friday, Aug 12, 2011 by Allen B. Ury

Bright White SmileThere are many things that can discolor your teeth: wine, coffee, soda, berries and even antibiotics. There are also many ways to reverse this damage. In fact, tooth whitening has become a major industry, both in dentists’ offices and via over-the-counter products. Some of these teeth-whitening solutions are quite effective. Others, not so much. And their costs can vary considerably.

Here are five of the most popular teeth whitening methods as well as their relative strengths and weaknesses:


Brushing daily with any kind of modern toothpaste will help remove surface debris and help reduce unattractive plaque and tartar buildups from tooth enamel. There are also specific teeth whitening products that contain a mild abrasive/bleach mixture designed to actually lighten the shade of your teeth. Such products tend to be relatively inexpensive, but also less than fully effective. Also, too-frequent or prolonged brushing with these products can actually damage tooth enamel.

Bleaching Trays

These over-the-counter products require you to fit your upper and lower teeth into a metal or plastic tray filled with a bleaching substance and often sleep with them in your mouth. Many people find this very uncomfortable and the results less than spectacular. The bleaching substance can also cause enhanced tooth sensitivity in many people.

Gels and Strips

More advanced than the bleaching trays, these products, available at most pharmacies and supermarkets, are applied directly to the teeth and held for just a few minutes (instead of overnight). They can, indeed, whiten teeth a few shades in most situations, but again enhanced tooth sensitivity is an issue for many users.

Light-Accelerated Bleaching

Usually done at a dentist’s office, this method uses a special light, usually a blue-spectrum halogen lamp, to excite the molecules in a high-intensity bleach to quickly and significantly whiten tooth enamel. This is not only the most effective way to whiten teeth, but also the longest lasting. And, yes, it’s also the most expensive, with treatments often running $200 or more each.


Veneers are the only “permanent” way to a whiter smile. These are layers of resin or porcelain affixed directly to the teeth. Veneers are, of course, expensive, but they’re strong and long-lasting.

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