7 Ways to Organize Your Life

Posted Friday, Jan 9, 2009 by admin

The more organized you are, the more productive you can be.So that’s why it’s important to step back (every now and then) to find out how you can better organize your life.Here are 7 easy organizational strategies you can try today:

  • Make daily to-do lists
  • Schedule each task by priority
  • Use your calendar to set deadlines for each of your tasks
  • Organize all the supplies you need regularly in a desk drawer near you
  • Break large projects into smaller, manageable tasks
  • Put a per-hour price on your time to calculate whether each task is worth the cost
  • Use computers, dictation equipment, and online calendars to help you organize your tasks
  • Use communication tools like email, voice mail, and online social networks to quickly get messages sent out.

Hopefully, by using these 7 strategies you will be able to more active.

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