Everest University Student Finds Bag with $500

Posted Wednesday, Jan 2, 2008 by admin

Everest University, Orange Park, started the New Year off right on January 2, by rewarding the character of one of their own.

Joshua Coleman, a Criminal Investigations student, discovered a bag containing $500 on a table in the student lounge of the Orange Park campus on the morning of December 20.

Without a second thought, Mr. Coleman turned in the money to the Dean, Judge Hal Moroz. It was later discovered that a machine vendor had accidentally left the money in the lounge.

The vendor later informed the dean that the incident would most likely have cost him his job — just days before Christmas.

Recognizing the character of Joshua Coleman, campus President Bruce Jones awarded the student a $500 scholarship, a $25 gift card, and a cash reward by the vendor of $20.

“This is indicative of the character of our student body and the level of character and integrity we expect of all in the Orange Park community,” said Bruce Jones, campus president, in a presentation to Joshua.

“Joshua’s actions are a great credit to himself, the Orange Park community, and the Everest University name,” concluded Mr. Jones. “By his actions, Joshua started the New Year off right for us all!”

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