Best Tips on How to Conduct an Online Job Search

Posted Friday, Feb 4, 2011 by admin

At some point during the education process, conducting a job search online may become necessary.

Remember, for anyone, the best sites for an online job search are the ones that give you the leads, connections and valuable resources that work best.

The following tips may help you get the online results you hope to realize.

1. Select the right sites. Friends and family members can help you start the job search by providing a list of starting points.
2. Once you nail down a list of potential employers from a particular site, make sure you know what the site offers by way of networking groups, career guidance support, and resume data base, etc.
3. Make sure job listings are dated. It’s a waste of time responding to an old listing. Besides, employers frown on getting inquiries about jobs that are already filled.
4. Does a legitimate source run the site? An “About Us” page and any contact information should be up front and visible.
5. If there is a fee involved in using the service, is it worth it?
6. Does the site respond to e-mail inquires? Before you send any personal information on a debit or credit card, call to find out if anyone picks up the phone. If not, can you really afford to trust your private information in the hands of a total stranger?

The methods used for finding a job are about as varied as the personalities of the millions of people who conduct online searches. Remember, the most important consideration in choosing a site is the value it brings to your own personal job-hunting efforts.

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