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Posted Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 by Allen B. Ury

Are you interested in a business career? If so, you will probably find this top 10 business list quite interesting.

1. Top American Business by Stock Value:

Apple Logo
Apple, which has a current market capitalization of approximately $337 billion (Source: CNN Money).

2. Top American Business by Brand Value:

Google Logo

Google with an estimated brand value of more than $92 billion (Source: MPP Consulting).

3. Top American Business by Sales:

ExxonMobil Logo

Exxon Mobile, which posted $452.9 billion in gross income (before expenses) in 2011 (Source: Fortune 500).

4. Top American Business by Profits:

ExxonMobil Logo

Exxon Mobile again, which in 2011 enjoyed $41.1 billion in earnings on its $452.9 billion income, the largest net profit of any company in U.S. history (Source: Fortune 500).

5. Top American Business by Taxes Paid (2012)

ExxonMobil Logo

Fittingly, Exxon Mobile, which last year paid $27.3 billion in taxes, an effective tax rate of 42 percent (Source: Forbes).

6. Top American Business by Number of Employees:

WalMart Logo

Walmart Stores, Inc., with more than 2.1 million employees worldwide (Source: Statistic Brain).

7. Top American Business by Number of Locations:

7-Eleven Logo

7-Eleven, with more than 46,000 stores across the globe. Yes, that’s even more locations than McDonald’s, which is No. 2 (Source: Wikipedia).

8. Top American Business on the Internet: Logo, which currently has online sales of more than $48 billion (Source: Internet Retailer).

9. Top American Business by Longevity:

Shirley Plantation

The Shirley Plantation near Hopewell, Va., which has been running continuously since 1638 (Source: Wikipedia).

10. Top American Business by Customer Satisfaction:

Apple Logo

Apple, which received a historic high rating of 87 (out of 100) from CNET in 2011 (Source: CNET).
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