Can Everest Career Services Help You?

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Today’s job market is competitive. And the people you know are often as important as what you know. The benefits of being an Everest student is that you’ll get to know our Career Services staff. These are people who care about your success.

We Help You Plan a Career

At Everest, students and graduates have access to valuable links to career-testing websites. We’ll also make sure you have information on nationwide salary ranges in your field of interest.

Our commitment to your success also means supplying you with job leads, website search assistance, tips on effective networking, valuable information about companies, industry employers and more.
We’ll Help You Polish Your Resume and Cover Letter

A polished resume can go a long way in helping you make it to the top of an interviewer’s list. Whether a student or alumni, we’re here to provide personalized resume assistance templates, guidelines for resume writing, resume formatting ideas and more whenever you need help.

Get Advice and Practice Interviewing Techniques

Some people are terrified at the thought of a job interview. We help ease the worry by giving solid tips on professional dress, shaking hands, personal posture, communicating during the interview and much more.
Interested in learning more?

Contact Everest today to find out more about our programs and a school location near you.

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