Dental Assistant Training Offered at Everest College in Reseda

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If you’re thinking about exploring a new career, enrolling in an accredited school where industry-specific training is taught might be just what’s needed to get your career moving in the right direction.

Everest College in Reseda offers an interactive learning environment where hands-on training is taken quite seriously. And you’ll be able to learn the dental assisting craft in modern facilities under caring instructors who bring real-world knowledge and experiences to the classroom each day. In less time than you might think, you may be able to start building a dynamic career, while adding value to the dental office and its team of professionals.

Dental assistant training at the Reseda campus includes a study of the following:

  • Dental Office Emergencies and Compliance
  • Dental Radiography
  • Dental Specialties
  • Operatory Dentistry
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • And more

Tomorrow’s career success can start by making the right educational preparations today. Contact the Reseda campus to request more information about our Dental Assistant program.

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