Do Soft Skills Matter?

Posted Thursday, May 3, 2012 by admin

It’s safe to assume a dentist with proper degrees on the wall, a capable staff and an office filled with patients knows how to fill cavities.

You can also reason the award pin on the sweater of a sales associate who just sold you a computer means she knows how to sell.

Beyond the technical skills of every capable dentist, which one do you choose to go to? Given the fact there are other capable sales people in your favorite electronics store, why does one girl sell more computers than anyone else. And why did you choose to buy your computer from her?

It’s the soft skills that often matter the most.  You like your dentist because she makes you feel comfortable when you go in for a visit. You bought the computer from the sales associate because she was polite, helpful and didn’t make you feel rushed.

Your education can help get you an interview, but it’s your soft skills that will most likely land you the job.

Soft skills are things like work ethic, an ability to get along with other people and make them feel comfortable. It may even imply you have a talent for making people smile. During an interview, employers will often ask questions to help determine if you have the soft skills they’re looking for.

An article on offering career advice shows the importance of why a sense of humor is important for someone looking to land an accounting job. While accounting may or may not be your chosen field, this is but one small example of how serious companies are about finding and retaining people who fit in well with others.

At Everest, an education is the first step you can take on the path to personal success. You can complete the journey by developing and utilizing soft skills to your best advantage.

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