Electrical Technician School Training at Everest Institute – Houston-Bissonnet

Posted Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 by admin

The Electrical Technician training program at Everest can equip you with the training that can help you apply the scientific, mathematical, and technical skills necessary to succeed in the electrical industry.

There are electrical systems that generate and consume huge amounts of electricity, and with the right training, you can be one of the individuals that plans and modifies these types of systems.

With the right experience and skills, you could be working in a robust industry that manages and repairs, transformers, generators, motors, switchgears, and other important equipment that maintains power to homes, businesses, and industries all across the U.S.
Check out what’s included in the Everest Electrical technician program training:

  • Safety
  • Trade mathematics
  • Blueprint reading
  • National electric code
  • Business
  • Management

The program can help you gain the knowledge and skills to design, analyze, and successfully work in industrial settings that utilize and control electrical power settings.

You’ll also get the hands-on experience needed to give you the confidence it takes to seek entry-level employment in such areas as:

  • Commercial and Residential Electrician
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Production electrician
  • Bench electrician
  • Repair Technician
  • Industrial maintenance electrician
  • Programming electrician and maintenance electrician

You know, no one will ever be able to champion your goals and dreams as well as you can!

Contact Everest today to learn more about the career Electrical Technician Training program.

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