Ever Had a Favorite Instructor?

Posted Thursday, Oct 27, 2011 by admin

While we each have our own unique way of learning, an instructor who can motivate and encourage us to give our very best is quite often a person we remember for the rest of our lives.

The influence that people can have over us can be negative or positive. There really is no middle ground. People who are pessimistic, without hope, complaining and deceptive can have a weakening effect over you. On the other hand, people who are positive, supportive, confident and optimistic about your possibilities in life have the opposite effect on you. They can empower you by their very presence.

On occasion, you may hear stories of how much a student appreciates the influence of a particular Everest instructor, and how that instructor may have helped change the way the student looks at the world and comes to realize his or her possibilities. Perhaps the amazing thing is how many stories you may not hear about the bonds created between Everest instructors and students looking to find their way in life.

The great thing about Everest instructors is their commitment to each student’s success. You may be in a classroom with others, but you’re seen as an individual with personal goals and serious potential. In other words, you matter.

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