Everest Colorado Springs’ Staff Member Takes Time to Help

Posted Wednesday, Apr 30, 2008 by admin

When Karen Roberts found out that an Everest College Colorado Springs’ student might become homeless and quit her studies at the college, she stepped in to help out.

As externship coordinator in the college’s Career Services Center, Roberts’ job is to assist students in completing their externship – typically the last class of their allied health program that gives them valuable on the job training.

After being asked to leave the home of an aunt and uncle with whom she had been staying, the student—a single mother of two—turned to Roberts for help and guidance. She felt her only option was to quit her studies and face homelessness.

Roberts quickly set about finding the young student work and called around the area to negotiate with apartment complexes to find her a place to live. She found a complex that would take the student without a security deposit, and then

Roberts called a couple furniture stores to see what she could find in terms of furnishings. She found a local store that was willing to donate furniture for the new home.

A former tri-athlete and a licensed practical nurse, Roberts says she’s motivated by her own challenges growing up to help others in her work.

“Something that I always try to remember is that it’s not about me. It’s about the students and watching them change their lives through education. I strive to help them learn to believe that the seemingly impossible can become possible,” said Karen

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