Everest Student is a Case Study in Time Management

Posted Friday, Oct 14, 2011 by Allen B. Ury

Nursing StudentsGoing to school while attending to a family can put a strain on anyone. But try to imagine earning a college degree at the same time as your spouse — while you both raise seven children!

This is exactly the situation now being faced by Brent Barlow, who is pursuing a nursing degree at Everest College in Salt Lake City. Brent is the father of eight children, seven of whom still live at home. His wife is also pursuing a nursing degree.
Not only is Brent managing to successfully be both a student and father, he somehow finds time between his studies to run a handyman business, edit the Everest College newsletter and serve as president of his campus’ nursing association. Oh, and he joins his family for dinner every night.

How does he do it all? His parents frequently help with the kids. In addition, Brent credits discipline and effective time management.

“It’s almost like you’re planning every hour; there’s a lot more planning with my time [than there used to be],” Brent said. “Keeping that tradition of sitting down at the dinner table every night has helped a lot.”

To help keep him on schedule, Brent has set up email reminders that appear 24 hours before and then again four hours before appointments and meetings.

“The biggest thing is dedication,” Brent said. “If your priorities are getting through school and getting that education, there’s always a way to get it done.”

Everest’s Nursing Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program Brent Barlow is taking at Everest College in Salt Lake City is a four-year program designed to provide students with the academic training and hands-on experience they need to prepare them for nursing positions in health care centers, clinics and facilities.

The program features small classes, intensive hands-on training in simulated health care settings, and instruction by experienced health care professionals. Upon graduation, students can take advantage of Everest’s Career Services department, which offers ongoing job-search support, including help with resume writing, interview preparation and reaching out to prospective employers.

For more information about Everest College’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program, contact Everest today!

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