Female Electrician Finds Success

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Women make up a noticeable percentage of workers in the construction industry, according to information contained within the National Association of Women in Construction website (NAWIC).

This percentage includes women who work in the field and in construction offices. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter pushed to increase the number of women employed in the construction workforce.

Until recently, pursuing a career in the field of construction where men have historically dominated has been a challenge for many women. However, sometimes things in life do change for the better. That change began in 1994. Named Gateway Stadium (during construction), Jacobs Field from 1994-2007, and renamed Progressive Field in 2008, this baseball field is home to the Cleveland Indians MLB franchise. The stadium was built with the help of a new breed of women who donned hard hats alongside the men.

Construction work can be hard, and whether a man or a woman, it means proving you can get the job done each day. For many women of that era, it meant overcoming the stereotype that it’s impossible for a woman to do a man’s work.

Here’s a great story about one woman’s journey as a female electrician. She narrates her life’s story of what’s it’s like to break into a male-dominated trade as an African American female.

If you’re a woman looking for a career, becoming an electrical technician could be a challenging but rewarding career. Everest offers an Electrical Technician program at its Houston Bissonnet, Austin and Arlington (Mid Cities) campuses. Students receive training that helps them develop the scientific, technical and mathematical skills needed to be successful in the electrical industry.

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Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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