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If you live in Florida, and you’re interested in taking your career possibilities to the next level through career training in popular diploma and degree programs like medical assistant, massage therapy, criminal justice, business administration and more, Everest Institutes and Universities could be the perfect venues to begin your educational journey.

However, not all career training schools in Florida are created equal. What sets Everest career training schools apart is its commitment to making sure students get the hands-on training and exposure to the equipment and business methods that are helping many of today’s industries usher in a new century filled with extraordinary possibilities.

Everest career training schools in Florida include the following campus locations:

  •  Everest University in Brandon
  •  Everest Institute in Fort Lauderdale
  •  Everest Institute in in Hialeah
  •  Everest University in Jacksonville
  •  Everest Institute in Kendall
  •  Everest University in Lakeland
  •  Everest University in Largo
  •  Everest University in Melbourne
  •  Everest Institute in Miami
  •  Everest University in North Orlando
  •  Everest University in Orange Park
  •  Everest University in South Orlando
  •  Everest University in Pompano Beach
  •  Everest University in Tampa

Programs vary by campus.

No matter where you’re located in Florida, we’d like to think there’s an Everest career training school close enough for you to get the education and skills needed to compete for an entry-level job in the business, health care, computer technology, or paralegal fields.

Contact an Everest career training school in Florida today to learn more.

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