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massage-therapy_1256761658311.pngA massage therapy career can be rewarding, both in terms of services to clients and the monetary awards that may be realized in time.

With the right training and experience, there are numerous venues you may be able to practice your skills over the lifetime of a career.

Here are several career options:

Private Practices

If you’re a massage therapist with a flair for being an entrepreneur and owning your own business, a private practice might just be what the doctor ordered! As a business owner, you would be able to hire other massage therapists and practice under your roof for a determined fee.

Shared Clinics

It’s not unusual for a massage therapist to team up with other health industry professionals in a full-clinic service setting during the span of a career. These are often one-stop-shopping venues for those seeking alternative health care.

Holistic Centers and Spas

Spas can be a good source of revenue for professionals skilled in massage therapy. There are numerous high-end spas around the country that offer massage therapy packages for the career-minded person. If you’re a massage therapist on retainer, the financial rewards can often be quite enticing.

Traditional Doctors’ or Chiropractors’ offices

It’s very common for massage therapists to practice their trade in a traditional setting. As such, massage therapy can be a useful complement.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

For the sick and those of all ages, massage therapy practices are becoming increasingly popular. A massage can be a great tool for helping the healing process of patients suffering from all sorts of ailments and injuries.

Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

Fitness club and health spa venues may vary widely when it comes to employment opportunities. It’s a good thing if a relationship can be fostered with a number of fitness clubs in a therapist’s local area.

Medicine Clinics and Sports Teams

If you’re lucky enough to work for a sports team, it can be a great gig. Many sports teams have a professional massage therapist on staff. Not all job seekers will be so lucky, but it’s not impossible to find work in such a venue.

Massage therapists may also find work as:

  • Independent contractors
  • Private or group offices
  • Salaried or commissioned employees

At Everest, we believe your success is also our success. Contact us today to find out how you can begin training for an exciting new career as a massage therapist.

*Programs may vary by campus.

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