Common Foods that can Stain Your Teeth

Posted Monday, Oct 26, 2009 by Allen B. Ury

berries.JPGYellowing teeth can be linked to many factors, including genetics, antibiotics, tooth grinding, etc. But perhaps no factor is more important to maintaining white teeth than diet.

Here are some very common foods and beverages that can take the shine off your bright white smile, even when consumed in limited quantities:

Berries. Berries are colorful, nutritious and above all, delicious. But the chemicals that give blueberries, cherries, cranberries, etc. their deep rich color can also quickly stain your teeth.

Dark Drinks. Coffee, tea, colas, red wine, grape juice—they all taste so good going down, and can leave a permanent residue in the process. The good news: The lighter the drink, the less its effects on tooth enamel.

Popsicles, Slushies, etc. Isn’t it fun to suck on a frozen confection and then display your rainbow-colored tongue to the world? Well, the same chemicals that make your tongue look like some third world battle flag are going to work on your teeth as well.

Soy Sauce. Ever drip soy sauce onto your shirt? That’s one pull-over that’s bound straight for Goodwill. And if you can’t get soy sauce stains out of your shirt, imagine trying to get them out of the microscopic cracks and crevices on the surface of your teeth.

Balsamic Vinegar. The story repeats: Dark color, dark stains. On the upside, the lettuce upon which you’ve poured your balsamic dressing actually helps lessen the vinegar’s impact by leaving a protective—albeit it temporary—film on your teeth.

Tomato Sauce. Pizza is arguably America’s favorite food. And pasta can’t be too far behind. But all that tomato sauce is not only highly acidic, it also stains tooth enamel. (The anti-oxidants in tomatoes are great cancer-fighters, so at least there are health benefits.)

Curry. A staple of Indian cuisine, curry turns rice yellow. It turns chicken yellow. And, yep, it’ll turn your teeth yellow, too.

Beets. Okay, these veggies don’t show up on most people’s Top 10 Incredible Edibles list. But enough people like them to make them dangerous—at least to tooth enamel. Their juice is particularly potent.

Few of us are willing to do without these foods just to keep our teeth white. So what’s the answer?

First, brush your teeth often…and the sooner the better. The less time you leave between eating and brushing, the less time the stain-makers have to do their dirty work. Second, eat lots of green leafy vegetables with stain-causing foods. As noted above, lettuce and similar vegetables can temporarily protect enamel by depositing a thin, protective film. Finally, drink lots of water, which can help flush away stain-causing chemicals.

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