How an Education Can Inspire the Thanks – in – Giving

Posted Wednesday, Nov 25, 2009 by admin

istock_000010425170xsmall.jpgThere’s always something special about the autumn of year.

Often, an inner feeling of coziness from being cradled in the arms of falling leaves, sweaters and crisp golden-chilled mornings can be felt.

On a deeper level, it may be that we’re aware the Earth is preparing for a long winter’s nap.

Even the scientists don’t fully understand the complex interactions of leaves and the resulting revelation of what seems to be such a wondrous expression of autumnal colors.

The vast majority of us simply see the autumn as….change.

For many, it’s the time of year that ushers in the Holidays; Thanksgiving followed by Christmas.  For others, it sparks an urgency to prepare for those challenges that are waiting just up ahead.

At Everest, we think that getting an education can be a great asset in helping you leverage the possibilities of your life.  This is one of the reasons we place such an emphasis on giving our students access to instructors who can share industry-specific knowledge on a daily basis.

We also thinks it’s important to design classrooms and programs so that you can get the most from the environment and your education in the least amount of time. We’ve put a system in place that can help encourage and nourish your growth.

At Everest, you’ll develop essential life skills along with the hands-on-training and traditional classroom regimen that has become one of our most distinctive hallmarks.

You see, we know a secret! 

When you arrive at a place in your life where you’re able to give, whether it’s of your time or talents, the world becomes more thankful, even if by one small degree.  Its a thanks that becomes inspired by your giving!

It’s the autumn of year, and going forward we’ll all have time to marvel in quite repose at how nature seems to stay in perfect step with the Universal Concourse wherever we may live.

If you feel the urge, like nature, to do more, see more, experience and be more, why not contact us today to learn first-hand how an education can help inspire the thanks-in-giving.

We’re Everest, and we help change lives.

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