How to Find and Sustain Motivation – for Anything

Posted Friday, Nov 19, 2010 by admin

Have you ever had the opportunity to sit down and argue with your own thoughts? The reason being, doubts and fears have the power to squash your enthusiasm.

Doubts and fears can lodge deep in your subconscious mind without you being aware. And it’s quite often the lack of enthusiasm that makes it difficult to sustain motivation.

Any expert on the subject of motivation will advise that goals and motivation are closely related and that goals that can be achieved are the best ones to set.

Reward Yourself

Every time you achieve something, large or small, you should give yourself a reward. The reward can be a new book, shopping, a movie or a piece of sports equipment you’re had your eye on for quite some time. The idea is to enforce the accomplishments that fuel and sustain motivation.

Partner Up with a Buddy

A friend or someone you trust can be honest and tell you if your goals of staying motivated are on or off track. People you trust tend so support you goals without sabotaging them.

Create Friendly Competition

Friends or co-workers are usually eager to find a system of staying motivated, too. They’ll more than likely be happy to engage in friendly competition in seeing who can stick to their goals the best.

Stay Informed

The world is filled with knowledge on practically any subject of interest. And when we seek knowledge, the world has a way of supplying us with the things we truly ask for.

Everest is all about providing the training and tools that can help you realize your goals of a better life. Ultimately, we all want a better life and all the benefits that result.

Education can help take you there! We hope that you’ll find us somewhere along the path on your journey and that we can play an important role in helping you realize the benefits of finding and sustaining motivation in your life for all that you do.

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