How to Prepare for Class – No Matter What the Course

Posted Thursday, Apr 15, 2010 by admin

bigstockphoto_success_340872.jpgIf your goal is to have a positive classroom experience, preparation is essential. You can always increase the possibility of enjoying an upcoming lecture, seminar or lab by changing your approach to each classroom.

The following are areas you can work on to improve your effectiveness in class.

Mental Adjustment

It is always best to approach each class as though it were critical to your success in school.  The class may teach an important fundamental principle or it may cover an important topic that will be on the final exam. Pay attention. What you learn may affect your grades now and in the future.

Attitude Adjustment

Adjust your attitude so that you can view school as a venue to gain new knowledge, to learn something that you did not know the day before.

Be Aware of Yourself

A person will have a time period in which he or she is more efficient. For example, if you are not a morning person, do not take classes at 8:00 am. If personal attention helps you learn better, an environment that offers hands-on learning can result in a positive experience.

Review Your Notes Prior to Each Class

Reviewing your notes can help you refresh your memory and prepare you to ask relevant questions, or make a significant contribution by offering timely comments.

Become a Member of a Support Network

Class can be a great opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships.  A solid networking group can also offer opportunities for scholarly exchange, which can help augment personal growth.

Always Stay Alert and Attentive

Proper rest is essential for remaining awake in class. A healthy state of awareness allows you to focus on the instructor and material. Your state of awareness can also affect the outcome of your grades.

Stay Prepared

Always complete your class assignments. While in class, be prepared to make comments or ask questions that can help stimulate and provoke thought.

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