Everest College Instructor Saves Student’s Life

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park.gif Merrionette Park – It started out like any ordinary day for the Medical Assisting students and their instructor Angelo Cordoba at Everest College.

Angelo, a full-time instructor at Everest College, was showing the class how to perform an EKG.

When the reading was produced, it didn’t look quite right.

Angelo assumed it hadn’t been performed exactly right and that resulted in a bad read, so he did it again, and again got the abnormal result. Still thinking it was an error, the student had a third EKG performed – with the same result.

At this point Angelo, who also works in the emergency room of a local hospital and serves as a paramedic with an ambulance team, knew the problem wasn’t with the machine; it was with the student’s heart.

“I asked him if he was having any pain, and he said that he felt fine,” said Angelo.

“I knew from the reading that he probably had a blockage, and needed to see a doctor ASAP. I told him to leave class, go immediately to his doctor or to an emergency room. I gave him the EKG to show the doctor.”

The 33-year old seemingly healthy student left the campus and went immediately to the local emergency room, where he was admitted and kept overnight for tests.

It turned out the student had a life-threatening blockage in his heart. The doctor who performed the procedure to remove the blockage asked the student who had taken the EKG.

The student explained that it was done by his instructor. The doctor responded, “Well, he saved your life.” The student will be back in class after a week’s recuperation.

Angelo is a popular instructor at the Campus. He’s been with the school for less than a year, but in that time has become a respected and well-liked member of the team.

His teammates at Merrionette describe him as humble and caring. Deann Fitzgerald, Campus President, who spent some time with the student after the surgery, said she was very proud of Angelo.

“This isn’t the first time Angelo has saved a life here at the school. Health problems show up occasionally during class instruction – fortunately Angelo knows what he’s seeing and sends people to a physician or hospital to get help before they are having any symptoms,” said Deann.

“We are very fortunate to have instructors of the quality and caliber of Angelo.”

“I didn’t want the students to get too excited about what had happened, but I did appreciate that they were able to see, first hand, that the profession they have chosen will give them many chances to help patients and save lives,” said Angelo.

The students in the class now think of Angelo as a real life hero, a title he shrugs off, saying “I am very glad we found it in time to do something about it. For me, it’s the best reason for working in the medical field — you have the skills and opportunity to really make a difference in someone’s life.”

The student whose life was saved said the experience has reinforced his own commitment to the medical field. He hopes one day he can ‘pay it forward’ and save someone’s life.

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