Instructors Who Teach from Experience

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An instructor is the architect of his or her classroom. Their job is to help the student grow in a relaxed environment that encourages learning.

Everest instructors are chosen because they have real-world experiences and knowledge to share that can be brought to the classroom each day. As a result, student goals and expectations can be delivered in a clearer fashion, and students have a better idea of what’s to be expected of them.

Experienced instructors can clearly impart to students the following:

• What students are expected to learn
• What is expected of students inside and outside the classroom
• What is needed and required to pass their program
• How they will be evaluated throughout the course
• The need to work and accomplish as a team member

The goal of Everest is to make sure students are prepared from the day they start a program and graduate, to the day they’re ready to job search and enter the workforce. This is why such strong emphasis is placed on the value of students getting involved in classroom projects and working side-by-side with other students of like mind and interests.

What students learn is transferable directly to the job on day one. Why? Because every Everest career-training program is industry-specific, meaning your training is respected and valued by many of the employers you may interview with in your career field.

We also stress to our students the importance of acquiring a strong understanding of how the job search process works. Nothing is guaranteed in life! However, if the right training, outlook, attitude, local market conditions and personal work experiences form a single line — good things can happen when it comes to finding the career of one’s dreams.

Interested in learning more about the quality and excellence of the instructors who you’ll train under at Everest?

Contact us today and starting training for an exciting and rewarding new career.

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