Joining a Study Group – A Good Idea?

Posted Thursday, Dec 27, 2012 by admin

bigstock-casual-people-on-a-computer-2617913.jpgYou may not hear many arguments against the positive merits of joining a study group. If you have plans to attend college, a study group can help you stay motivated and connected. Just remember to help your group stay focused and to use its study time wisely.

Here are a few reasons why joining a study group can be a good idea:

  • Be Productive — Group study sessions can often be quite productive. It allows you to talk and share ideas with fellow students. A study group can also give you an opportunity to review topics covered in the classroom.
  • Compare Notes — In a study group, you can compare class notes to see if you’ve missed anything important.
  • Get Clarity — Gain clarification about your instructor’s lecture or discuss textbook concepts that may be challenging to understand.
  • Learn from Others — Learn from the questions asked by fellow students. There’s a possibility that someone will ask a question that you’ve missed.
  • Be Motivated — A study group can be motivational because you don’t want to let others down by not contributing and taking part in discussions or study sessions.

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