Medical Assistants and Potential Careers

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Medical AssistantIf your goal is to become a medical assistant, why not make it the first step on a long and rewarding career in the health care industry!

Making the decision to become a medical assistant can be a challenge for some. There may be numerous variables to consider, such as potential income, cost of schooling, the ability to start and finish a program, and the choice of schools to attend.

As a medical assistant, you’ll perform administrative and clinical duties under the direction of a physician. Duties may include scheduling appointments and maintaining vital medical records. Clinical duties may also include drawing blood and administering injections.

From Medical Assistant to RN?

If you’re a medical assistant, it’s not impossible to take your skills, training and determination to cross train and become a registered nurse (RN), EKG technician, dental assistant or massage therapist. Education can make it possible.

From Medical Assistant to Medical Records Technician?

With the right cross training, skills and motivation, an individual can work to become a medical records technician. You can play a vital role in being the link between patient and his or her physician.

If you’re interested in a career coordinating office administrative activities and making sure information finds its way to staff and clients, working professionally as a records technician might be a rewarding career destination for you.

From Medical Assistant to Medical Data Assistant?

Medical data assistants are trained to administer support in such vital areas as medical terminology, transcription and insurance coding.

While there are numerous other health care careers that a medical assistant can cross train into, the key to exploring potential careers is in the understanding that your education, skills and training can be built upon, time and time again. A career as a medical assistant might just be the beginning.

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