Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Careers – What to Expect!

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bigstock_medical_files_684379.jpgHealth care and insurance companies require highly detailed record keeping of services provided to patients.

Thus, the need for qualified and industry-ready professionals continues to drive the school curriculum and training for medical billing and coding personnel.

Certification for medical coders is an important element in pursuing a successful career. It allows a medical coding professional to show skills ahead of actually proving them in the field.

Certified medical coders can often command a higher income than others who lack the credentials, simply because of what the certification implies. With continuing education, career opportunities can be enhanced even further.

Medical insurance billing and coding can be challenging. Assigning numeric codes to illness and medical procedures requires attention to detail and great deal of patience. The coding system is used across the health care system, which includes insurance companies, state, federal and international organizations.

A day-in-the life of a medical insurance billing and coding professional is busy indeed. Medical coders assign numeric codes to specific illnesses, medical procedures and injuries.

Insurance companies, along with public agencies also depend heavily on coded information to assist health care providers looking to receive reimbursement for their billings.

Looking for a Profession That Can Appreciate Your Talents?

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding, according to the stats provided by
O*Net Online (, the Occupational Information Network developed in partnership with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median wages in 2009 were $15.04 hourly, or $21290 annually for professionals whose jobs fall within this category.

While no job or salary is ever promised to anyone, the right education at the right time can lead to some interesting employment possibilities down the road.

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