5 Effective Strategies to Help You Find a New Job

Posted Thursday, Apr 24, 2008 by admin

Five tips to help you find a new job . . .

1. Update Your Resume Today
So when is the last time you’ve updated your resume? If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t touched your resume in over a year. So it’s time to dust off your resume and start rewriting. Visit your local library or Google Book Search, and skim through resume improvement books for tips to improve the format and content of your resume.

2. Get Your Resume Online
There are a number of popular job websites that allow you to upload your resume online. Consider adding your resume to,, and Those websites give you the ability to let employers view your resume without you needing to submit it anywhere. You can also automatically have your resume submitted whenever specific keywords are listed in a job posting.

3. Find Job Postings on Local Job Search Engines
It’s difficult to find a job online because you’re competing with thousands of people. To break away from the pack, find job postings on local job search websites (e.g., your local newspaper’s website,, etc.). You’ll have better success getting a response from a job posting on a website with far less traffic than one of the big job search engines.

4. Practice Your Interviewing Skills
The job interview is probably one of the most nerve-racking parts of getting a job. It’s your one opportunity to impress your new employer. So how do you prepare? Well, it’s highly recommended that you practice with your spouse or good friend. Get dressed up and have someone interview you. Record your answers if possible so you can review what you said and how you said it. Once you feel confident with your answers, you’re ready.

5. Improve Job Opportunities by Continuing Your Education
Employers love to see their employees trying to improve their skills through education. It shows dedication and commitment to their career field. The same is true for job seekers. When you’re a student, it shows you’re interested in improving your career skills. Think about enrolling in an accredited online college or a career college (if you’re looking for faster training). Once you enroll, add the school information to your resume.

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