New Studies Confirm the Value of a College Education

Posted Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 by Allen B. Ury

Value of a College DegreeIn case you’re still wondering if a college education is worth the investment, three new studies have just added more data to the “Yes” column.

A recent report from State Higher Education Executive Officers confirmed what most of us already believe: People with a college degree tend to make more money than people who only have a high school diploma. To quote the report: “Those who obtain a bachelor’s degree have a median income of $50,360 compared to a median income of $29,423 for people with only a high school diploma. Those with a graduate degree have a median income of $68,064, 35.2 percent more than those with a bachelor’s degree.”

The researchers also confirmed that your field of study is likely to impact how much money you earn. “Health-related disciplines provide a 123.4 percent wage premium for those holding a bachelor’s degree. The median income for this group is $56,427.”

You can read about the study here:

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that the unemployment rate among college graduates 25 years and older is a mere 3.7 percent. That’s less than half of the 8.1 percent rate currently experienced by people who only have a high school diploma.

Here are the details:

Finally, Pew Charitable Trusts recently issued a study titled, “How Much Protection Does a College Degree Afford?” It looked at how young people with college degrees fared against others during the Great Recession. Its major conclusions included:

• Although all 21- to 24-year-olds experienced declines in employment and wages during the recession, the decline was considerably more severe for those with only a high school diploma or associate degree.
• The comparatively high employment rate of recent college graduates was not driven by a sharp increase in those settling for lesser jobs or lower wages.
• The share of non-working graduates seeking further education did not change noticeably during the recession.
• Out-of-work college graduates were able to find jobs during the downturn with more success than their less-educated counterparts.

You can read the entire report here:

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