Pharmacy Tech Wages in Washington Beat National Average

Posted Monday, Jul 9, 2012 by Allen B. Ury

Pharmacy TechnicianWages for pharmacy technicians in Washington State significantly outpace the national average, according to data from O*NetOnline, the employment database sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Using figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Washington State Employment Security Department, the O*NetOnline review of pharmacy technician annual earnings reveals the following*:

Starting Salaries: For those just entering the pharmacy tech field (bottom 10 percent), the average starting salary in Washington State is $29,400 per year. This is 48 percent higher than the $19,800 annual average for entry-level pharmacy technicians nationally.

Median Salaries: The median salary for pharmacy technicians in Washington State is $38,800 per year. This is 30 percent higher than the national annual median salary of $28,400.

Top Salaries: In Washington State, the top 10 percent of pharmacy techs – those with the highest degree of training and experience – earn an average salary of $46,800. This is 15 percent above the average $40,700 earned by the top 10 percent of pharmacy technicians nationally.

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*Source: O*NET Online –

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