Scrubs: Prepare Your Wardrobe for Your New Medical Career

Posted Friday, Mar 30, 2012 by Guest Blogger

In this guest post, Robert Lobitz, writing for, provides basic information about choosing medical scrubs. All of our health care students wear Everest scrubs from the very first day of their hands-on training. Here are some useful tips for choosing scrubs when students transition to using their own professional scrubs.
If you want to be a medical receptionist, dental assistant, medical assistant, pharmacy technician, certified nursing assistant, registered nurse or any hospital technician, more than likely you will be required to wear nursing scrubs on the job. Most schools also require the wearing of scrubs during the latter portion of your training.

Scrubs consist of a short-sleeved, baggy shirt and unisex pants with a drawstring or elastic waistband. Both are made from cotton. Nursing scrubs are available in every color that you can imagine and the tops are available in many cheerful prints. Some hospitals and clinics use the color of scrubs to differentiate between departments or students in training.

When the time comes to purchase professional scrubs, students are excited and have the potential to make errors in their selections. This will cost you extra money that is probably a precious commodity at this point in your life. To aid in avoiding any first-time errors, read the following tips prior to your purchase.

Is Color a Requirement?

Check with the instructors at your school or your prospective employer to verify what color of scrubs you will be required to wear, and if print tops are allowed.

Visit at Least Two Local Retailers

Go to the local retailers to see what their pricing structure is and what your selection options are. Try on a minimum of two sets of scrubs, bend over and stretch to ensure that they are not uncomfortable. Make a written note of the size and pricing.

Avoid the Temptation to ‘Look Good’

One of the benefits of wearing scrubs is the ability to be comfortable. Since medical professionals work 8 to 12 hour shifts (or more), the comfortable aspect of scrubs far outweighs overly tight pants or shirts.

Go Online

Visit online retailers. They are usually much cheaper than local retailers and have a larger selection of styles and colors. (This is the point where your written notes from the local retailers come in very handy).

You are a professional now, so always make sure your nursing scrubs are clean and wrinkle free. If the pants are too long, have them hemmed so they do not become frayed.

Congratulations on your chosen profession!

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