So, How Good Are Your People Skills?

Posted Thursday, Jan 27, 2011 by admin

Have you ever heard the word “soft skills?” On almost any job you can imagine, soft skills can play as important a role as leadership, management or technical skills.

Good people skills can transcend any industry or profession, whether you’re in a leadership position, aspire to lead, or work alongside a team of professionals. And effective people skills can be used to achieve your objectives.

Here’s a short list of people skills that can help work wonders in your relationship with others.

1. Display the same standards of behavior that you expect from others.
2. Don’t rush to judgment. If a certain person is displaying questionable behavior, gather enough information to make a factual statement.
3. Learn to say “thank you” to your peers.
4. Think first and then speak.
5. Work with others to solve problems. If one technique falls short, try another.
6. Ask for feedback on your performance along with examples. This may better help you to understand any issues at hand.

One of the hallmarks in attending Everest is the access to instructors who know first-hand about the programs and courses they teach. Why? Because they’ve earned a living in the very industry you’ve chosen or will choose to study. This means you’re able to benefit from their wisdom in ways that might not be possible with an instructor who has fewer real-life experiences in the subject matter he or she teaches.

Another great benefit in enrolling in an Everest program is our commitment in helping you pursue entry-level employment upon graduation in your program of study. We’ll work with you throughout your program to build industry awareness and impart knowledge of where your people skills, education and talent can potentially take you. And we’ll share tips on how to deal with various workplace situations that might present a challenge on any level.

Come to Everest to get an education and leave with the potential to build a successful life.

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