Study: New Tooth Can Be Grown from Human Cells

Posted Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by Ryan Lew

According to new study from the Dental Institute at King’s College, it may soon be possible to grow a replacement tooth from your own cells.* The study used human gum cells and combined them with cells responsible for growing teeth in mice. The combination of cells was then implanted into the mice, resulting in hybrid human/mouse teeth with roots.

The technique would involve transplanting this new immature tooth directly into the human mouth. Blood flow from the person’s mouth would then foster growth until the tooth reached complete size. However, it is still too early in the studies for human use.

This would be a major breakthrough for dental surgery. Dental surgery currently requires fake implants that wear down over time from chewing. The new hybrid human/mouse teeth would be more effective than implants because they have soft tissue at the root that function as a shock absorber.

The next step in the study would be to find enough adult sources of human cells to make this a viable replacement for dental implants.

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