The 4 Essential Skills Needed to Communicate Effectively

Posted Monday, Mar 14, 2011 by admin

Being able to communicate who you are or what you want in life requires more than just knowing a thing. Effectively communicating with others requires there be an emotional component somewhere in the equation.

Communication skills are comprised of both hard and soft skills.

1. Hard skills — When addressing problems that involve issues other than personal or interpersonal (i.e., hard skills related to one’s intellectual capacity such as mathematics, language, questioning or computer can come into play).
2. Soft Skills — Social interaction and emotional intelligence are dependent upon soft skills. Developing theses skills allows one to manage his or her attitude, listen and demonstrate respect for others.
3. Workplace skills — To be successful in the workplace, an individual will need a combination of both hard and soft skills. These skills include working well with others, setting and reaching doable goals, and communicating effectively with managers and peers.
4. People skills — When you need to relate to others and work together for long periods of time, developing good people skills can make the difference between working together and attempting to fight through gridlock.

No matter what you do in life, being able to communicate effectively will go a long way in helping you realize success on the job, off the job and in your social affairs.

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