Three Ways to Get That First Job

Posted Monday, Jul 18, 2011 by Allen B. Ury

First JobIt’s the classic Catch-22: You can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. So where do you start?

If you’re fresh out of school and have no previous work experience, you basically have three ways to land that first job:

1) Connections. Most jobs are acquired through personal networks. These can involve family members, friends, friends of friends, former teachers, etc. Today, this tried-and-true method has been given a high-tech sheen by web-based professional and social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, but the dynamics are the same: Someone hires you because the employer already knows and trust you, or because you’ve been recommended by someone the employer already knows and trusts.

2) Job Postings. Back in the day, companies looking to hire would place “want ads” in local newspapers or professional journals. While you can still find these ads in most major newspapers, most of today’s jobs are to be found either on job-hunting sites like or, or on the hiring company’s own website. The problems with trying to get a job through open postings is that 1) there’s often a lot of competition for any one position (especially in the current economy), and 2) if you’re just out of school, you only have your written resume to distinguish yourself. For many young job-seekers, these can represent insurmountable obstacles.

3) Job-Search Services/Employment Agencies. These are companies that connect employers with job seekers, usually for a fee. The best of these are companies that charge the employer for their services, not the would-be employee. Job-search services may also be offered by colleges and universities for their graduates. Often, these services are free for both parties.

If you’re able, you should use all three ways in combination to help with your job hunt. Life is unpredictable, and you never know where your “big break” is going to come from.

Career Services Available from Everest

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