U.S. News Names 100 Best Jobs

Posted Friday, Jan 25, 2013 by Allen B. Ury

Best Jobs in AmericaU.S. News has released its list of the 100 best jobs in America. The news organization evaluated a wide range of careers based on a variety of criteria, then ranked each profession on a 10-point scale. Criteria included:

  • Average salary
  • Employment opportunities
  • Good work-life balance
  • Job security

Jobs in the tech and health care field tended to rank near the top of the list, with more traditional clerical and trade-oriented careers trending toward the bottom. The top spot is held by dentists, which U.S. News gives a score of 8.4 because of its high average salary ($142,000 per year), regular working hours and employment opportunities. (The demand for dentists is expected to grow 21.1 percent by 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.) At the bottom of the list is telemarketers, with a score of 3.8. Telemarketers only earn, on average, about $22,500 per year, probably because a large number of them only work part time.

You can see the entire list here.

Everest Offers Training for Many Top Jobs

Everest offers training programs and degrees that can help lay the groundwork for many of the career fields on U.S. News‘ 100 Best Jobs list. Here’s a list of some of Everest’s most popular programs and the careers they can prepare you for:

Computer Information Science (associate or bachelor’s degree)
No. 4 – Computer Systems Analyst (Score 8.2)
No. 6 – Database Administrator (Score 8.0)
No. 7 – Software Developer (Score 7.9)
No. 9 – Web Developer (Score 7.8)
No. 13 – Computer Programmer (Score 7.5)
No. 23 – Computer Systems Administrator (Score 7.0)

Medical Administrative Assistant (diploma)
No. 25 – Medical Secretary (Score 6.9)

Radiologic Technology (associate degree)
No. 30 – Radiologic Technologist (Score 6.8)

Medical Assistant (diploma/associate/bachelor’s)
No. 34 – Medical Assistant (Score 6.7)

Accounting (diploma/associate/bachelor’s)
No. 36 – Accountant (Score 6.6)
No. 41 – Bookkeeping, Accounting & Audit Clerk (Score 6.5)

Dental Assistant (diploma)
No. 46 – Dental Assistant (Score 6.4)

Pharmacy Technician (diploma)

No. 49 – Pharmacy Technician (Score 6.3)

Massage Therapy (diploma)
No. 53 – Massage Therapist (Score 6.2)

Criminal Justice (diploma/associate/bachelor’s/master’s)*
No. 58 – Patrol Officer (Score 6.0)
No. 82 Child and Family Social Worker (Score 5.4)
No. 96 – Security Guard (Score 4.5)

Administrative Assistant (diploma)
No. 60 – Executive Assistant (Score 6.0)
No. 83 – Administrative Assistant (Score 5.3)
No. 84 – Receptionist (Score 5.3)

Business (diploma/associate/bachelor’s/master’s)
No. 69 – Sales Representative (Score 5.8)
No. 77 – Customer Service Representative (Score 5.5)

Plumber (diploma)
No. 73 – Plumber (Score 5.6)

Paralegal (associate/bachelor’s)
No. 85 – Paralegal (Score 5.2)

Electrician (diploma)
No. 94 – Electrician (Score 4.8)

Carpentry (diploma)
No. 96 – Carpenter (Score 4.6)
No. 98 – Construction Worker (Score 4.4)

About Everest

The Everest family of colleges, universities and institutes operates approximately 100 campuses throughout the United States and Canada. The school is specifically designed to prepare students of all ages to begin careers in some of today’s most established fields. Classes are small, instruction is hands-on and instructors are industry professionals. Each campus has its own Career Services staff that helps graduates transition from school into the workplace.

For more information on Everest and how its career training programs may help you pursue your career goals, contact Everest today.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

*Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.

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