What Skills Are Needed to Survive in Today’s World?

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From the Career Development Suite

The world is changing at an extraordinary pace. And in today’s competitive landscape, there are survival skills that young people need to master so that a measure of success can be assured.

Consider the following attributes that should be developed.

Critical Thinking Skills

No matter where you work or the profession you’re in, you’ll have to invest effort in solving problems when you are the person closest to the work at hand. Learn to test your assumptions and always keep an open mind.

The Ability to Adapt to Change

Adaptability skills, in many ways, are just as important as technical skills. Businesses will change to adapt to market changes. To be successful, you have to know how to buy-in and make personal changes that can benefit your company.

The Ability to Lead by Influence

There is no shortage of people who manage and lead by authority, rather than by influence. Leadership skills can be developed and utilized no matter what your job title or station in life.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Not in management? Even if you’re an hourly worker, your ability to self-direct is highly needed and valued. There will always be a need to find creative solutions to tough and challenging problems at the ground level.

The Ability to Access and Analyze New Information Quickly

There’s no stopping the information that’s constantly being churned out. People who aren’t prepared to process volumes of information may find themselves frozen in their footsteps.

Imagination and Curiosity

There used to be a time when the goal of the employee was to do whatever his or her employer wanted. In today’s world, there’s value in hiring employees who can bring imagination and commitment to the job on a daily basis.

Education can be a key to success. It can often determine where we work, personal income, lifestyle, and how we navigate life.

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