Your Values and Goals Matter

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 From the Career Development Suite

Values and goals matter, especially as they apply to what you’re capable of achieving in life. Simply put, values are the qualities and traits that we each consider worthwhile. They can represent our highest priorities and often the driving force causing us to move forward — or fall behind.

Think for a moment! Your values are comprised of everything that has happened in your life up this point, and can include influences from parents, peers, friends, personal education, reading, music and much more. Becoming more effective in life is a process of recognizing how your environment and how you’ve responded to it has played a pivotal role in shaping your present reality.

What is your present reality? Your present reality is the things that appear and manifest in your life at any given moment, such as income, job status, education, personal achievement, caliber of friends, or what you think you’re capable of becoming. Nothing is set in stone, because everything is in a perpetual state of “waiting to become.” The moment you decide to change your life, for better or worse, forces are set in play that will help make the impulse a reality.

Education is a universally accepted means of enhancing a person’s potential. If you value education, and your goal is to improve life through learning new skills and acquiring new talents, why not contact Everest and learn more about the programs and courses offered that have improved the lives of thousands of people now working in the career field of their dreams.

Remember, the process is the same for each of us, no matter what the individual status is in life. Come to terms with your values and question if they’re in alignment with your personal goals. If so, you stand a good chance of using them to create a bridge from a dream to its eventual reality.

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