Everest Institute Dearborn

Dearborn, MI

At Everest Institute's campus in Dearborn, Michigan, students learn at the hand of seasoned instructors. Active participation lets students study first-hand how to perform their craft while utilizing small work groups to inspire quality discussions and specialized attention. The end result is a faster, better-trained community leader.

Additionally, the Dearborn Campus has a number of programs to maximize positive results for its students and graduates, including fast track training, worker retraining efforts, high school graduate character building and decision-making. Many student assistance programs, the LEAD team, and many fundraisers and charitable activities, provide additional resources for students and the community.

Fast Track Training*

There is no shortage of educational organizations to pursue a career goal, but many require a commitment of two years or more with long theoretical (and some say boring) lectures before advancing far enough academically to begin actually practicing with hands-on training in your discipline.

At Everest College in Dearborn, Michigan, many students, particularly with high school graduates, find greater success with fast track training -- completing courses in as little as eight months verses two, four, or even six years with a conventional college or university atmosphere.

* Some programs longer than eight months.

Worker Retraining Efforts

An often forgotten segment of the workforce includes those displaced or dissatisfied workers who require retraining for a new career. Sometimes called vocational rehabilitation, worker retraining is a vital tool for changing economic times, including causes from a poor economy, offshore outsourcing, automation, or being simply unsatisfied with a particular career. Everest College offers a variety of health care career training programs to assist the displaced or dissatisfied worker find a new, more satisfied career.

High School Graduates

High school students today are faced with far more challenges in the real world, than their predecessors of yesteryear. By communicating with new high school graduates early, the Dearborn team is inspiring them to make better choices with their career education and is opening more doors many didn't even realize existed.

By reaching the high school graduates at their level, team members have been able to guide them on which career path and program to pursue, research which financial aid** options they qualify, and prepare them on job searches, resume tips and job interviews, and instruct them in proper attire for their new career.

** Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.

Community & Campus Efforts

LEAD Team: The school's student ambassadors comprise the LEAD Team, Leadership in Education, Advocacy and Development, and work to achieve more than just mentors to students and the society at large, but to become Leaders.

Fundraisers and Charitable Activities: Everest's fundraisers and charitable support have included toy drives, food drives, care packages for the soldiers overseas, and clothing drives.

Dearborn Campus Details

The Dearborn Everest campus is a branch campus of Everest Institute in Southfield, Michigan. The campus is located in the Village Plaza on Michigan Avenue on the northwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Outer Drive.

The campus includes computer labs, lecture rooms, a resource center, and student lounge.

Programs Offered at the Dearborn Campus

Program NameDegree
Dental Assistant Diploma
Massage Therapy Diploma
Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma
Medical Assistant Diploma
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Diploma
Patient Care Technician Diploma

Important Consumer Information and Disclosures

23400 Michigan Avenue, Suite 200
Dearborn, MI 48124
Phone: (313) 562-4228
Fax: (313) 562-5774

Mon - Thu: 9 am to 6:45 pm
Fri: 9 am to 4:45 pm
Sat: Closed
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