Would you like to participate in a virtual classroom? At Everest University Online, we provide you with the convenience of earning a college degree through the use of a personal computer. Combining quality content, structured courses, skilled instructors, and ease of use, we provide the best available online-learning experience.

We offer programs of study within the business, health care, IT and legal fields. All courses are available on the Internet, with students and faculty interacting in a high-tech environment. The content of our online classes mirror their classroom counterparts; however, participation and mastery of the subjects require additional initiative and resourcefulness on the part of the student.

Currently, all of the courses necessary to complete degrees at Everest University Online are available on the Internet. We offer associates, bachelor's and master's degree programs in a convenient online setting.

If you enroll in an online program, you will be required to participate in an orientation course. We developed this class to provide you with valuable information about the school, the available online programs, and the fine points of the virtual university system and major platform tools.

The courses are built and maintained on the eCollege platform, which provides for efficient online course management through effective educational and course authoring tools.

Programs Offered at the Everest University Online Campus

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