Everest Institute Houston Greenspoint

Houston, TX

Our Houston-Greenspoint campus offers men and women with career training and life skills needed to excel in their chosen field.

We've designed each class to help you understand vital concepts quickly and easily. We can help you succeed through our:

Hands-on Training
We think you'll learn better by actually getting hands-on training, rather than just sitting in a lecture room. So our classes are designed to get you involved. You'll get a chance to apply the skills you learn by practicing in a real-world environment.

Dedicated Instructors with Real-World Experience

Our teachers are professionals in their field, and will give you practical advice in each subject area--based on their real-world experience. They'll make these subjects come alive through inspirational class discussions, innovative classroom projects, and as they share their experiences from their professional life.

Small Work Teams
Our students work in small work teams which encourages group discussion. When classes are divided into small work teams it allows instructors to give more specialized attention to each group. This teaching method allows instructors to move throughout the room and talk with groups and students one-on-one.

Career Placement Services
Our Career Services team is dedicated to helping you prepare for your new career upon graduation. They have a strong network of employers who know the value of our graduates. We'll connect you with job listings, and help fine-tune your resume and interviewing techniques.

Houston-Greenspoint Campus Details
The Greenspoint campus is on the north side of Houston, Texas. The campus has classrooms, lab rooms, a student lounge, and administrative areas. Houston-Greenspoint is a branch campus of our San Antonio, Texas Campus.

About Houston, Texas

  • City Population: 5.3 million
  • Largest city in Texas, and fourth-largest in the United States
  • Houston has five business districts: Uptown, Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, Westchase, and Greenspoint.
  • Houston ranks second in employment growth rate among the 10 most populous metro areas.

Texas Student Complaint Policy

For more information, visit our Regulatory page with information on the Texas Student Complaint Policy for the Houston Greenspoint campus.

Programs Offered at the Houston Greenspoint Campus

Program NameDegree
Dental Assistant Diploma
Information Technology Support Specialist Diploma
Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma
Medical Assistant Diploma
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Diploma

Important Consumer Information and Disclosures

255 Northpoint Drive, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77060
Phone: (281) 447-7037
Fax: (281) 447-6937

Mon - Thu: 9 am to 7 pm
Fri: 8 am to 5 pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

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