Everest College Portland

Portland, OR

The Portland campus of Everest College provides students with experienced professionals in their respective fields to instruct the students. Using hands-on training and working in small intimate groups, teachers are able to give students practical advice, get them involved in class discussions, have them participate in innovative classroom projects and ultimately, help them master vital concepts quickly and easily.

Everest's Career Placement Services team helps graduates prepare for a new career through resume assistance, use of job boards and employment search engines, job interview techniques, and career-appropriate wardrobe guidance for both interviewing and upon beginning a new career.

Formerly Western Business College, the Portland campus has been a fixture of the Downtown Portland area for the past 50 years and sports over 30,000 square feet of space in two buildings. The campus is blocks from Pioneer Square and is convenient to the TriMet MAX Light Rail service and bus routes.

The campus provides a number of student activities to welcome and assist students including:

  • Student Orientation prior to the start of school
  • During the second week, luncheon for new students
  • During the third week of every term, students are recognized for academics and attendance
  • Contests and prizes are awarded during the assemblies
  • Student Appreciation Day providing lunch or supper to students
  • Student Appreciation Day with theme days like "Pirates of Everest College," or "Nightmare at Everest" where students dress in the theme of the day for prizes
  • Grad Day honoring graduates with a luncheon to discuss the pending graduation ceremony
  • Graduation Day

Special and Holiday events include:

  • Santa Day is held just before the Holiday break where students can bring their children to school to meet Santa and participate in games and gifts
  • Constitution Day
  • Veterans Day honoring veterans with special activities and refreshments

Each program also hosts events, for example, the medical department recognizes birthdays and has guest speakers come to speak with students. Additionally, teachers offer tutoring every Friday morning and during office hours. Our Student Ambassadors also provide tutoring and mentoring as well for students.

Programs Offered at the Portland Campus

Program NameDegree
Administrative Medical Assistant Diploma
Computer Information Science Associate
Medical Assistant Associate
Medical Assistant Diploma
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Diploma
Network and Internet Security Specialist Diploma
Pharmacy Technician Associate
Pharmacy Technician Diploma

Important Consumer Information and Disclosures

600 SW 10th Ave., Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: (503) 222-3225
Fax: (503) 228-6926

Mon - Thu: 9 am to 6 pm
Fri: 8:30 am to 4 pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

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