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The average individual with some college education earns about 19% more than a person who has only completed high school*. Click on the "Go" button to get started on your career training.

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* SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Study, Current Annual Social and Economic Supplement

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All applicants are required to complete an application for admission and an enrollment agreement prior to entry to the school. Applications are available online or on site at the campus. Prospective students who have earned credit at another accredited institution may furnish an official transcript to the Education Department and apply for transfer credit.

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The goal at Everest is for every willing student to attend our classes, regardless of their situation.

Applicants may, however need the following to be admitted into certain diploma programs;

  • High school diploma or its equivalent (such as GED)*.
  • Successful completion of an assessment examination.
  • Personal interview with an Admissions Representative.

The assessment examination is a standardized, nationally-normed test administered by Everest to confirm that an applicant has the skills necessary to succeed at a college-level curriculum.

Applicants who have completed one academic year of credit at another postsecondary institution (24 semester credits or 36 quarter credits with at least a 2.0 cumulative grade- point average) will not be required to complete the assessment examination. Applicants who have completed the ACT with a score of at least 15 or the SAT with a score of at least 700 will not be required to complete the test.

Completion of a personal interview with an Admissions Representative is also a requirement for admission to the school. The interview enables administrators to determine the qualifications of a potential applicant. It is also designed to provide the candidate with a better understanding of career fields, program descriptions, school information, and campus layout.


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