Campus Overview

If you live or work in Denver’s northern metro area, Everest's Thornton campus can help you prepare for a rewarding career in business and health care industry programs.

Here at the Thornton campus, you can select from career training diploma programs that can have you through school and in the workforce in less than a year.* Or you can choose an associate degree program that you can complete in as little as 24 months. Whatever program you choose, you’ll have a team of support as well as small classes, hands-on training and intimate work groups to ensure you get plenty of personal attention.

The Facility

Everest College’s Thornton campus is located at just east of I-25. The campus includes:

  • Large classrooms, including laboratories for hands-on training
  • A student resource center where you'll find reading materials related to your academic programs as well as computers with full Internet access
  • Faculty and administrative offices

Campus Activities

Everest College’s Thornton campus offers a variety of activities and events to give you the complete student experience. These include the:

  • Igniter Ambassador Program – Igniter ambassadors are fellow students who make sure you always have a friend on campus. Don't hesitate to approach an ambassador when you have a question about school facilities, tutoring, study tips or any other concerns.
  • Inspire Workshops – Your Career Services department holds regular Inspire sessions, which include job-search seminars, resume writing and mock interviews, to help students prepare for their future careers.
  • CARE Program – Everest understands that life’s challenges can sometimes impact your college experience. The CARE program can help provide solutions to your transportation, child care and other personal challenges so you have more time and energy to focus on your education.

Community Involvement

At Everest, a great education means more than just learning a marketable skill. By helping others, you'll help yourself by learning responsibility, empathy and interpersonal skills that can last a lifetime. You can gain opportunities to grow through your volunteer involvement in important community groups that Everest College supports such as:

  • Food for Hope
  • A Precious Child
  • Arising Hope
  • Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado, Inc.

Please feel free to drop by Everest's Thornton campus at any time for a tour. We'd love to see you!

Campus Resources

Everest offers a number of resources that our students can use to remain focused on their goal of getting a quality education. We also make recommendations for any services we may not offer. Ask to speak to one of our student service coordinators is you have any questions. We provide the following information and resources:

  • Library conveniently open to accommodate class schedules.
  • Library computers and other resources to support all programs offered
  • Tutors available
  • Study groups available, as needed
  • Bookstore and supplies
  • Campus vending machines

Off-Site Resources

  • Several off-site restaurants located near the campus
  • The campus can make off-site child care recommendations

Safety & Security Are a Priority

At Everest, we’re committed to creating a safe learning environment free from preventable harm from physical assault, threatening behavior, theft, or other security-related issues. Our campuses have multiple safety precautions in place including a professional security staff and physical security measures such as cameras, alarms, and secured access where appropriate. Additionally, we maintain and regularly test emergency response plans that will help us to effectively manage any type of on-campus emergency.

Transportation and Parking

Everest provides no-cost campus parking, and the school is located near several bus lines. Students are also encouraged to contact the campus to inquire about carpool or rideshare programs that may be available. We offer the following:

  • Campus parking (at no cost) close to the school's entrance
  • Campus is east of I-25
  • Bus stops located at Grant Street and Eppinger Boulevard, Grant Street and Russell Boulevard, and Grant Street and Eppinger Boulevard

*Employment is not guaranteed, but career placement services are available for graduates.

Programs Offered at the Thornton Campus

Program NameDegree
Dental Assistant Diploma
Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma
Medical Assistant Diploma
Pharmacy Technician Diploma
Surgical Technologist Associate

Important Consumer Information and Disclosures

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