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Everest Programs By Category

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The purpose of our accounting program is to train students with the analytical skills and expertise needed to work in the accounting field. You will learn the theoretical concepts and practical applications of accounting, as well as the data and information... More


Our business programs are designed to provide our students with the skills and education necessary to work in the business field. Project-based classes give you an opportunity to practice the business skills you'll need to succeed in a real business environment.... More


The construction industry is no different to any other industry with respect to the need for change as new technologies emerge. However, the latest in any technology is only as good as the skill level of the technicians who effect repairs and maintenance. The... More

Criminal Justice

This Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare you for a career in corrections, probation, criminology, forensic sciences, law enforcement, immigration, and security administration. Through our comprehensive program, you can gain the skills necessary... More

Dental Assistant

Would you like to become an integral member of a dental health team? If so, you should think about becoming a Dental Assistant. Dental Assistants are educated to perform chair side assisting methods, patient procedures, and related office and laboratory... More


For students interested in a career in the electrical industry, training to be an electrician entails learning the scientific, technical and mathematical skills necessary to compete successfully for entry-level employment positions as they become available.... More


It's very challenging to find a career that has longevity, and in today's uncertain economy it makes the task even more difficult. In today's world, where people can change jobs on an average of seven times in a lifetime, it pays to acquire the skills... More

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

If you'd like to pursue a career in the legal field, you should definitely consider becoming a Paralegal. Our Legal Assistant/Paralegal program is designed to prepare students to for a career working with lawyers or in a courtroom setting. The legal... More

Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapy program provides the basic knowledge, tools, ethics, and behaviors that will enable you to successfully practice as a massage therapist in a variety of health care settings. Students in our massage therapy program will study anatomy... More

Medical Administrative Assistant

If you've ever considered working in a medical office, you should definitely consider becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant. Medical Administrative Assistants are essential part to any medical office because they manage the patient records, aid... More

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Diploma Program Of all the Allied Health programs offered through Everest, Medical Assistant is one of the most popular. In fact, Everest trains and graduates more Medical Assistants than any other educational institution in the US. Medical... More

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Medical billing and its related occupations are among the fastest growing opportunities in the healthcare industry. The objective of this medical insurance and billing and coding program is to provide the student with the skills to perform a variety... More


Nursing is both an art and science. It is a unique profession that deals with all the dynamics affecting individuals and views the individual as a holistic being (bio-psycho-social-spiritual). Nurses collaborate with other members of the health care... More

Pharmacy Technician

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to surge over the next decade due to the increased needs of a larger and older population. You can join the ranks of thousands of others and start aiding licensed pharmacists with our Pharmacy Technician program. The... More

Plumbing Technology

The Plumbing Technology program is designed to prepare students to be able to work in all phases of the plumbing industry. Students who apply themselves can expect to gain the necessary skills to perform plumbing tasks that include remodels, repairs... More

Surgical Technologist

If you've ever considered working in the health care field and want a position with a wide variety of responsibilities, consider becoming a surgical technologist. Among their many duties, surgical technologists prepare the operating room (OR) prior to... More


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