Did you know some of history's oldest surviving documents are accounting ledgers? It's true! Accounting has been a key to commerce since the dawn of human civilization. Accounting helps companies answer such key questions as:

  • What is the value of its assets (cash, property, investments, etc.)?
  • How much money is it owed, and how much does it owe others?
  • Is its activities profitable?
  • Can it make the next payroll?
  • What can it do to increase profits and make the company grow?

Now you can join this proud tradition and start to make some history of your own by learning basic accounting skills at Everest.

At Everest, you can learn the theory and practice of modern accounting, acquiring valuable skills that can make you an asset to a wide range of employers. Everest’s programs go beyond the classroom with hands-on training and opportunities to practice your new skills. You’ll learn how to use common accounting software and generate a variety of projections and reports with a dedicated team on your side. Your instructors will be accounting professionals who know what skills today's employers demand. And you'll learn the "soft skills" that can help you communicate better with coworkers and become an even more valued member of any business team.

Everest offers a variety of accounting programs to meet the needs of your career goals, your family and your budget. These programs include:

  • Business Accounting (One-year diploma program)
  • Accounting (Two-year associate degree program)
  • Accounting (Four-year bachelor's degree program)

Note that program availability and schedules vary by campus. Not all programs are available at all locations. Also, if you're not near one of Everest's ground schools, the associate and bachelor's degree programs are available through Everest University Online, a division of Everest University.

Want to know more about Everest's accounting programs? Contact Everest right now. A friendly Everest representative will be happy to answer your questions.

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