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Dental health is vitally important to everyone. Cavities, gum infections and other dental issues aren't just painful and unsightly, but they can lead to other health problems, including heart disease. This is why dentistry is an important component of America's health care industry.

Or course, you don't need to be a dentist to be part of a modern dental practice. Many dental offices employ support personnel who perform a whole range of critical roles. One of these roles is that of dental assistant.

Dental assistants help dentists during examinations and procedures. They also prepare patients for their exams, take X-rays, sterilize instruments, and perform many on-site laboratory duties.

After a few years in this position, many dental assistants get additional training to become dental hygienists, who have even more duties and tend to earn even higher salaries.

To prepare yourself to be a qualified dental assistant, you need training in basic dental science and dental office skills. You can get this training at Everest. Everest offers Dental Assistant career training at dozens of campuses throughout the United States. Most programs are designed to have you prepared and ready for work in less than a year.

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