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The kinds of careers you'll train for at Everest offer more than just rewarding work. Many companies provide employee benefits, such as health insurance. Click on the "Go" button to get started on your career training today.

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Financial Aid


An Everest education will give you knowledge, skills and experience that you can use for the rest of your life. And as more employers demand a training certificate or college degree instead of just a high school diploma, Everest can be your key to a better future.

At Everest, part of our mission is to train and assist all eligible students (either currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment) with the resources available to get the financial help they need.

We participate in various federal and state student financial assistance programs.* A Student Finance Planner is available to assist you with any questions or needs regarding financial aid.

Everest Tuition

Tuition at Everest Colleges, Institutes and Universitites vary by campus and program. To obtain tuition and cost for a specific program and campus please contact us to speak with a representative from that campus.

Important Disclosures and Information

Click below to download disclosures as PDF documents.

*Financial aid available for those who qualify.


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