We've got your back

Tutoring. Internet access. An information resource Library. Student activities like team building and leadership development exercises. All combine to give you a well-rounded and supported student experience at Everest.


Getting comfortable with your subject matter is important. Tutoring is a great way to do that. In participating programs, you can receive help with homework, test prep, and coursework.

Internet Access

There's so much information that's available at your fingertips. Many school libraries offer Internet access for research and academic endeavors.


It's not just about books anymore. Besides reference books and periodicals, you may find VCRs, TVs, computers and other equipment for in-school use.

Student Activities

Taking part in activities that promote school spirit are great for developing leadership and team building skills. But it's also fun! Participation is an important part of your educational process, and your involvement is always encouraged.

Field Trips

Where better to learn your skill than on site? Field trips can improve your classroom training through observing actual work situations. They may be periodically arranged to industrial or professional locations.

Special Lectures

Let's hear it from the pros. Guest lecturers may be invited throughout the year to speak to classes about opportunities, current industry trends, and how your work at Everest can prepare you for your career.

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